Non-combustible glues

Silicate based glue with a high endothermical power, the PYROCOL glues enables efficient bonding between metals and many different porous materials (gypsum, rockwool, Odiboard, Fibrodice, ...)

PYROCOL are simple pasting water-based glues which provide an entirely non-combustible film.

PYROCOL film, slightly intumescent, enhances the fire resistance of elements to which it is applied. 

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PYROCOL is classified as non-combustible. Its initial setting time, lower than that of traditional glues, allows earlier handling of glued elements.

PYROCOL exists in different versions, in order to adapt to the most diverse materials

and applications.

Examples of applications for non-combustible glues PYROCOL A, AV, E, MS & F: bonding of polyurethane, mineral wool, glass wool, ceramic and SUPERWOOL fibres, calcium silicate boards, plasterboards onto a wide range of receiving surfaces.

PYROCOL A, AV, E, MS & F I Non-combustible glues