Intumescent fire and cold smoke seals

Based on the three intumescent technologies (sodium silicate, ammonium phosphate and graphite), ODICE offers a wide range of fire seals and fire sheets. The co-extruded fire seals enhance a good cold smoke tightness and some extra dB for the acoustical insulation.

PALUSOL® EF is an intumescent fire seal made from PALUSOL, a hydrated sodium silicate material, encapsulated in a rigid thermoplastic profile in combination with a protection against cold smoke.

Examples of applications for intumescent fire and cold smoke seals PALUSOL® EF: fire resistant or flame resistant doors, swinging or sliding, with a single or double door-leaf in addition to fire-resistant shutters and smoke dampers.

PALUSOL® EF I Intumescent fire and cold smoke seals