Intumescent fire seals with wood imitation

Based on the three intumescent technologies (sodium silicate, ammonium phosphate and graphite), ODICE offers a wide range of fire seals and fire sheets. The co-extruded fire seals enhance a good cold smoke tightness and some extra dB for the acoustical insulation.

PALUSOL® W is un intumescent fire seal made from PALUSOL®, a hydrated sodium silicate material, encapsulated in a rigid thermoplastic profile with wood imitation.

When exposed to fire, the PALUSOL is activated at a temperature of between 100 and 120°C, the profile runs and a rigid, non-combustible foam is formed which offers a high level of thermal insulation. In contact with heat, the intumescent material expands in one direction to at least five times its initial thickness. The expansion pressure thereby generated can reach 1.5N/mm2. This provides an effective barrier preventing the escape of any flames, smoke or hot gases around the perimeter of a fire-resistant element which is sealed in this way.

Different types of wood imitation are available:

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PALUSOL® W EF BR: Intumescent fire seal(or fire strip) with wood finish, combined with a cold smoke seal (brush):

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Examples of applications for intumescent fire seals PALUSOL W: peripheral seals for fire resistant systems (doors, cabinets, walls, etc.).

PALUSOL® W I Intumescent fire seals with wood imitation