Fire resistant, acrylic and intumescent sealant

The range of fire resistant sealants and foams is quite wide at ODICE. Depending on the requested type of installation or colours, you will find the adapted sealant. All the products have been tested and certified for fire resistant application. (Door frame, expansion joints, doors, partitions, glazings, ...)

ACRYLODICE F fire resistant one-component sealant is an acrylic emulsion with intumescent properties which have been proven by many tests. It is presented in the form of a paste which is applied using a conventional sealant gun. It air dries and rapidly forms an elastic non-tacky surface skin.

Examples of applications for fire resistant, acrylic and intumescent sealant ACRYLODICE F : interior fire protection applications, filling of cracks in plaster and concrete, links between fire resistant dampers and masonry, various expansion seals (between concrete blocks in particular), links between fire retardant partitions and masonry, links between metal or wood frames and masonry etc.

ACRYLODICE F I Fire resistant, acrylic and intumescent sealant