PALUSOL® 100, 104
Intumescent fire boards and seals

Based on the three intumescent technologies (sodium silicate, ammonium phosphate and graphite), ODICE offers a wide range of fire seals and fire sheets. The co-extruded fire seals enhance a good cold smoke tightness and some extra dB for the acoustical insulation.

PALUSOL 100 and 104 intumescent boards consist of hydrated sodium silicate. Above 100°C intumescent boards and strips made from PALUSOL start to expand and form a fine-pored, compression resistant, non-combustible layer of foam. The formed foam constitutes a heat resistant insulating layer which seals the gaps and joints of construction elements, thereby preventing the passage of smoke, heat and flames.

PALUSOL possesses the following features:

• Flexible and easy to handle (cutting and stamping) at temperatures of between 20°C and 40°C.

• Thermoformable at temperatures above 60°C.

• Expands at 100°C and above.

• Expands with an expansion pressure which can reach 1,5 N/mm2.

• Releases water vapour, which provides a cooling effect.

• Formation of a structured and non-combustible foam which constitutes an insulating layer against the action of heat.

• The pyrolysis gases released from the PALUSOL in the event of fire are non-toxic.

• Asbestos free.


PALUSOL parts can be cut or stamped to your drawings in our workshop.

PALUSOL can receive a self-adhesive strip in order to facilitate installation (ref. SA).


Examples of application: wood and metal fire-resistant doors. fire resistant safes and strong boxes, fire resistant dampers, fire resistant sleeves for pipe penetrations, cable penetration seals, fire resistant glazed profiles and elements, fire resistant elements for the rail and shipping industries,  Thermal insulation of boards etc.

PALUSOL® 100, 104 I Intumescent fire boards and seals