Flexible intumescent fire seals

Based on the three intumescent technologies (sodium silicate, ammonium phosphate and graphite), ODICE offers a wide range of fire seals and fire sheets. The co-extruded fire seals enhance a good cold smoke tightness and some extra dB for the acoustical insulation.

FLEXILODICE® is a graphite-based flexible and intumescent fire seal. When exposed to fire, the intumescent material expands  and forms a microporous layer which prevents the passage of any flames, smoke or hot gases.

Examples of applications for Flexible intumescent fire seals FLEXILODICE: Peripheral seals for fire resistant systems (doors, shutters, dampers, cabinets, partition walls, cable penetration systems etc.), enhancement of the fire resistance of construction elements.

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FLEXILODICE® SA (with self - adhesive) example of application around the door leaf:

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FLEXILODICE® SA (with self - adhesive) example of application  under fire resistant glass and on fire rated door frame.


Video about expansion reaction of fire seal FLEXILODICE®:

FLEXILODICE® I Flexible intumescent fire seals