Self-supporting fire protection calcium silicate board

ODICE proposes a complete range of incombustible boards with a thickness from 3 to 60 mm. Depending on their density and their chemical composition, these boards can be integrated in fire resistant structures as core material, as thermal shield or simply alone.

PROMATECT®–MT materials are rigid insulation boards with a low thermal conductivity. They are specifically formulated without asbestos and mineral fibres. PROMATECT®–MT products have low shrinkage and high strength and therefore provide effective and stable insulation solutions for industrial applications.

PROMATECT®–MT boards present the following characteristics: 

- A1 non combustible, 

 - Resistant to moisture and chemicals, 

-  Low thermal conductivity,  

- High mechanical strength, 

- Excellent machinability to close tolerances,  

- Tough and durable, 

- Asbestos free.

PROMATECT®–MT I Self-supporting fire protection calcium silicate board