Flexible intumescent fire seals

ODICE  offers a range of fire resistant materials for fire rated glazing systems. These fire resistant products provide effective thermal insulation, preventing the spread of fire and smoke on the periphery of the fire resistant glazing and of door leaf. The non-combustible endothermic inserts increase the fire resistance of metal constructions up to 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

FLEXILODICE is a graphite-based flexible and intumescent fire seal. When exposed to fire, the intumescent material expands  and forms a microporous layer which prevents the passage of any flames, smoke or hot gases.

Examples of applications for Flexible intumescent fire seals FLEXILODICE: Peripheral seals for fire resistant systems (doors, shutters, dampers, cabinets, partition walls, cable penetration systems etc.), enhancement of the fire resistance of construction elements.

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FLEXILODICE SA (with self - adhesive) example of application around the door leaf:

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FLEXILODICE SA (with self - adhesive) example of application  under fire resistant glass and on fire rated door frame.


Video about expansion reaction of fire seal FLEXILODICE:

FLEXILODICE I Flexible intumescent fire seals