Fire rated ventilated cavity barrier

FB® Cavity Barrier - is a fire stopping solution for ventilated facades. Thanks to its design and intumescence, in case of fire ventilated cavity barrier FB® Cavity Barrier  ensures the compartmentation of ventilated cavity in the façade and prevents the spread of fire with the chimney effect .

FB®Cavity Barriers are used for establishing ventilated fire barriers in voids or cavities behind the rainscreen façade, inside fire rated walls and floors or for venting of the attics. 

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The FB® Cavity Barrier is a unique, patented product that provides ample ventilation of the building envelop while instantly preventing the spread of fire through this air gap (ventilated cavity).

The FB®Cavity Barrier is usually mounted horizontally behind the rainscreen facade cladding.

FB®Cavity Barriers are made solely from non-corrosive materials and do not need any routine testing or maintenance to ensure that they function in case of fire.

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Thanks to the FB® Techology no ignition will be possible at the unexposed side from the first seconde throughout the fire rating period. The stainless steel mesh ventilation casing provides free air circulation and instantly blocks the passage of fire. 







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Intumescent material expands and seals the ventilation gap. Thereby the FB®Cavity Barrier neutralizes the chimney effect and prevents the spread of fire and hot gases in the air gap.

The FB® Cavity Barrier blocks the fire for up to 90 minutes, preventing any temperature increase in the air gap, thus protecting the cladding from destruction and possible falls.

Thanks to the FB® Cavity Barrier's design, the microporous layer constituting the insulating and the fire barrier remains in place, does not fall. In addition, FB® Cavity Barrier does not contain plastic material, so it does not form flaming droplets. FB® Cavity Barrier retains flaming droplets that may come from other materials of the facade and prevents the penetration of small embers in the ventilated gap.



FB®Cavity Barrier has been tested following:

- EN 1366-4:2006,  

- LEPIR II - facade test, (third party)

- ASTM2912 – direct flame test, 

- SP105 -  facade test, (third party)

- BS8414 - facade test.(third party)


Technical data:

- Length: 53cm and 113cm

- Thickness: 23mm, 28mm, 36mm and 50mm

- Fire resistance: EI30, EI60 and  EI90


FB®Cavity Barrier has the following properties:

- Solves the need for firesafe venting in an easy and cost effective way

- Ensures necessary venting

- Does not keep the humidity

- Instantly blocks fire spread in cavities

- Protects against direct flaming, leap frog fire, sustained fire, deflagration of ignition of unburnt gas to protected side

- Long lifespan

- Fully passive i.e. it contains no moving parts, no detector activating system and no cabling

- Fire resistance  EI30 / EI60 / EI90

- Easy assembly

- Prevents birds, insects, rodents, etc. from getting into the ventilated gap.



FB®Cavity Barrier vs Competing intumescent cavity barrier. The FB®Cavity Barrier is installed on the left side and the competing product on the right side.

While we see that  the FB®Cavity Barrier stops the flames from the first second, we see that the competing product let flames pass through for quite a long time before it closes.

During this period, fire will spread throughout the cavity and ignite any combustible material and even if it is only non-combustible materials, the chimney effect can result in fire spreading upwards through the opening at the top of the cavity


Example of installation of FB®Cavity Barrier: the barrier is installed horizontally between the cladding and the thermal insulation continuously or interrupted by the vertical studs (rails).

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In addition to its use in ventilated facades, FB® Cavity Barrier provides good ventilation and fire protection in the following areas: 

- Ventilated roof

- Roof overhangs and gutter

- Other cavities

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FB® CAVITY BARRIER I Fire rated ventilated cavity barrier