ODICE is becoming part of the German svt Group

  • Dear Business Partner,

    We are particularly delighted to let you know that, as from now, you will get even more out of your cooperation with us because since 21st September 2020, Odice SAS, Odice LLC, FIRELAB de Marly & Securo AS have become part of svt Group.

    We know from our own experience that continuous adaptation to changing market conditions is vital in enabling us to excel as a strong company and keep extending our high-quality offer to you.

    Through the complementary combination, svt Group, SECURO & ODICE form a leading manufacturer of passive fire protection products with the most comprehensive product portfolio in Europe. The combined group employs a workforce of more than 870 employees and generates a turnover of ~€200 million in more than 60 countries

    Your added benefits from our evolution are worthwhile.

    You can expect an even more extensive portfolio of fire protection products, materials and systems, plus even greater access to a huge pool of research & development know-how, as well as perfectly customised production processes geared to meet your specific needs!

    The management team headed by Christophe GUIDEZ and the teams remain the same.

    Some complementary information about the svt Group : for more than fifty years, the svt Group of Companies has made a name for itself as a leading full-service provider in the field of passive structural fire protection. With its brands PYRO-SAFE®, ROKU®, KERAFIX®, FLAMRO®, FLAMMADUR®, GEAQUELLO®, now complemented by the brands of the ODICE’s Group, svt offers Europe‘s most comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art fire protection products and industrial applications.

    Thanks to in-house research & development centres as well as production facilities and fire testing furnaces in place at six locations now, svt Group can deliver both certified standard solutions and perfectly customised solutions tailored to specific needs.

    Whether you are looking for fire protection solutions designed to meet the needs of residential structural engineering or industrial construction projects, whether it’s infrastructure, energy, aviation, ships, rolling stock, fire protection doors, batteries or customised industrial applications, our Group is your reliable partner of choice.

    To learn more about svt Group please feel free to check out the website: https://svt-global.com/

    If you have any questions about our alliance with svt Group or about our products and applications, please feel free to contact us.

    Your Odice Team