A commitment to quality

<p>A commitment to quality</p>

In 2013, ODICE celebrated its 30th anniversary. Since the creation of our company, we have never stopped putting the satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our daily concerns.

Regarding our customers, we promise to :

Analyse their needs
Propose appropriate technical solutions
Comply with the regulatory requirements
Guarantee products in conformity with the specifications
Produce while complying with the labour regulations and health and safety standards for our employees

Deliver within the contractual deadlines
Provide an irreproachable quality of service

To carry out our Company plan, we champion the following values :
Team work
Everyone taking responsibility
Personal initiative
Mutual respect

Our commitment to quality is not only concentrated on our own internal procedures but also through our active membership in professionnal associations like : PFPA, TECNIFUEGO AESPI, BBN, …

It is by working Together that Customers, Suppliers and Employees will continue to develop us.