Fire resistant silicone one-component sealant

The range of fire resistant sealants and foams is quite wide at ODICE. Depending on the requested type of installation or colours, you will find the adapted sealant. All the products have been tested and certified for fire resistant application. (Door frame, expansion joints, doors, partitions, glazings, ...)

FIRESTOP 700 is a low modulus,one-part, neutral curing, fire-rated silicone sealant. It is used as a fire glazing sealant, for sealing of expansion joints and for pipe or cable penetrations in structures where fire protection is required..

Examples of applications for fire resistant silicone one-component sealant FIRESTOP® 700 : mirror seals on flame resistant and fire resistant glazing, fire resistant seals, penetrating seals, seals for ventilation ducts, seals for curtain walls, seals for cable and pipe penetration systems, links between partition walls and masonry.


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