• Production hall : 5900 sqm

    Production hall : 5900 sqm

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    Fire Testing Laboratory

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  • Watch your fire-resistance test from a distance

    Watch your fire-resistance test from a distance

Odice, the specialist in passive fire protection

Odice, founded in 1983, is a specialist in passive fire protection. We are the leader in the development, transformation and production of intumescent joints and thermal insulating materials.
We will share with you our knowledge of fire resistant materials, the existing standards and the different testing methods in order to move your projects forward. In parallel, we will put our furnace for testing internal fire resistance at your disposal.

Our products are developed in our factory in Marly (Northern France) according to your needs and according to our own internal research.
Each product is subjected to tests before being put on sale in our markets. We work together with accredited European and American laboratories for the certification of our products in accordance with the national requirements of each country.