SUPERWOOL® blanket
Thermal insulating blanket

Made from alkaline fibers, Superwool fibers are incombustible and soluble in physiological solutions. Thanks to their compressibility, superwool papers and blankets insures a very good fire and smoke thightess.

SUPERWOOL® blanket is an excellent thermal insulator with low thickness. It is easy to use and has high resistance to tearing.

Examples of applications for thermal insulating blanket SUPERWOOL®: fire retardant & flame-resistant glazing seals (between glass and beads), seals and protection in fire resistant equipment (doors, dampers etc.), protection of various weather-strips and infill materials, insulation between products with low conductivity and sheet metal, insulation of electrical equipment, insulation and seals in domestic and heating appliances, thermal and acoustic shields (lift doors, transport, marine, etc.), protection of sliders in fire retardant sliding doors, welding shield.

SUPERWOOL® blanket I Thermal insulating blanket