CE Markering voor brandwerende buitendeuren.

  • Since November 2019 according to product standard 14351-1 CE marking for external fire doors is in force. This compulsory marking is associated with a Declaration of Performance which replaces the fire resistance report (which is still valid for interior fire doors). 

    Note that this CE marking obligation is also compulsory for industrial fire doors according to product standard EN 13241.

    Producers of CE marked fire doors are continuously monitored by a European Union notified body.

    Thus, the door manufacturer no longer needs to present other elements justifying the fire-rated performance of the product. The attribution of this marking falls under the system 1 of the EVCP (Evaluation and Verification of the Performance Constraints). System 1 is the most difficult evaluation and verification system to obtain. Indeed, this implies the verification of the validity of the technical certificates justifying the performances, the control of the production process on site and the control of the products leaving the factory.

    So for CE doors, the quality and constancy of performance of all their components must be proved by various certificates (ETA certificates, declarations of performances, etc.).

    ODICE, ISO 9001 certified company, guarantees the performance of its entire range of products. We regularly renew the various certifications, especially for our intumescent seals with ETAs (*).

    In accordance with the requirements of our ETA (European Technical Assessment), we monitor the following technical performances:

    1 / Free expansion ratio

    2 / Expansion ratio under load

    3 / Expansion pressure 

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    Expansion pressure measurement                       Free expansion 

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    *  FLEXILODICE – ETA – 16/0299, PALUSOL - ETA -15/0345, INTERDENS – ETA – 16/0810, ACRYLODICE F– ETA 13/0468, FIREFOAM 1C – ETA 13/0465